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  • NYC Fire Department Approved Commercial Grade Fire, Smoke and Sprinkler Alarm Systems:
  • When it comes to your business, safety and protection come first! You need a company that has experience in designing and installing commercial grade fire alarms. These systems help to detect and warn individuals of an emergency. Having a NYC Fire Dept. approved fire alarm, smoke alarm and sprinkler system in place that detects and prevents a small emergency from turning into a tragedy is essential. Whether you have a small business or a warehouse, we have the know-how to design, permit and install your commercial grade fire alarm system. Our team is knowledgeable about the fire codes for different towns and cities. Let our experts help you protect your business, employees and customers.

    Our team will create a commercial fire alarm system that is tailored to your needs. We will design and install state of the art, code compliant systems that will give you the protection you need and deserve. Our assistance doesn’t stop once installation is completed. We are available 24 hours a day and our technicians are on call until midnight! When you have us install a commercial grade fire alarm system for your business you can trust that your business, your employees and your customers are protected.

    • Old Code: LL5/73, LL16/84, LL41/78, LL58/87, and ADA
    • New Code: A,B,E,F,H,I,M,R,S,U

  • Fire Alarm Transmitters and NYC Fire Department Approved 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring:
  • We can provide you with 24/7 protection for your business and property. Installation of fire alarm transmitters coupled with 24-hour monitoring gives you the protection you need with your commercial grade fire alarm system. If any type of emergency occurs, the fire department or other authorities are notified immediately. A transmitter detects when the fire alarm in your building has gone off. A message is instantly sent to an offsite monitoring station with detailed information about your emergency. Not only is the fire department notified, but so are the key personnel of your business. Knowing that your property and business assets are protected at all times is reassuring. Knowing that you can prevent a potential disaster is well worth the investment of a commercial grade fire alarm system. Contact us today and learn more about how Fire Alarm Transmitters and Central Station Monitoring services can help your business.

  • Fire Alarm Repair, Maintenance, Testing, and Inspection Services
  • Not only do we install new systems for commercial properties, but we will help you protect and maintain your current systems. Our team of experts provides comprehensive testing to ensure your system is working properly. With proper testing and regular maintenance, we can catch any issues and repair your system so that your commercial fire alarm system works the way it is supposed to. Having regular maintenance and inspections is the key to the longevity of your system and the safety of your business. We provide our clients with detailed reports and will recommend solutions for any potential problems. With New York City Alarms, you and your business are in good hands.

  • 24-Hour Fire Alarm Emergency Service
  • We know that emergencies don’t always occur during business hours. By offering 24-Hour Fire Alarm Emergency Service, our skilled technicians can assist you in your time of need. A Commercial grade fire alarm system protects your business long after the last employee has left.

  • Fast and Efficient Violation Removal
  • If you have received a notice of a violation from the Fire Department, contact us immediately. When it comes to compliance with fire codes, we have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork, scheduling, testing and repairs to help you navigate the process of clearing your violations. The best way to avoid future violations is to make sure your systems are regularly tested and inspected. When you install a commercial grade fire alarm system in your commercial property, you also need a team that is knowledgeable and experienced. New York City Alarm has you covered.

  • Technicians on duty until midnight
  • Engineering Design through NYC Fire Department sign off
  • Special Pricing for Non-Profit Organizations
  • NYC BSA/MEA Magnetic Door Locks with Fire Alarm Release
  • Letters of Approval
  • We Service All Major Brands of Fire Alarm Equipment

We also offer through our affiliates, in the Five Boroughs and on Long Island:

  • 24-Hour Station Monitoring

...and much, much more

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