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Fire Alarm Transmitters and 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring

Fire alarm transmitters and 24-hour central station monitoring are regulated by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). It is unlawful for any person to operate a central station that monitors fire alarm systems and maintain transmitters in protected premises without a certificate of operation. An FDNY approved central station company is responsible for the maintenance of its central stations and the transmitters at protected premises within New York City monitored by such central stations. A central station company shall ensure that a complete and satisfactory test of all transmitters is conducted at each protected premises. A central station company shall have sufficient personnel on duty at all times to ensure immediate attention to all signals received. Alarm signals shall be re-transmitted to the Fire Department immediately upon receipt of the signal at the central station. A record of all tests and signals must be maintained in the central station log.

Reasons to Choose New York City Alarm


We have technicians on duty until midnight (not just program operators) to make your problem our problem.


First Cost for a Fire Alarm is often not the big cost. Test & Inspection cost, cleaning cost, repair cost, service cost, and service calls can be a huge expense with other companies.


We monitor your alarm signals, not just the Central Station. In this way, we can spot problems before they become emergencies.


With New York City Alarm's "Fire Alarm Care Program" we can eliminate Fire Department fines, penalties, violations, and summonses as no other provider can.


We only install the best equipment available on the market.


We can work with your electrician, if needed, to supervise the installation.Then we can be your fire service company.


With New York City Alarm you are important - not just a number.


With New York City Alarm you will have your own dedicated technician who knows your building.


Our rapid response, for all your alarm needs will save you money in the long run.

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