Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection Services

New York City Alarms company offers Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection Services to commercial properties. Fire alarms are a fire safety mechanism that alerts everyone in the premises that there is an immediate danger present. Fire Alarm systems range in size from a one-story structure to a multi-story (high rise) office building. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) asserts that fire alarms should be tested at least once per year. The New York City Alarms company provides comprehensive fire alarm inspections across all boroughs of New York City, mandated by NFPA72 as well as FDNY and other local jurisdictions. We offer fire alarm testing services to check the fire alarms' responses to smoke, flame, and heat detection. Once the fire alarm testing services are complete, we report back to the client with a report of the fire alarms, documenting the results. We also recommend having the fire alarms re-tested periodically to make sure the system performs to its initial design and that maintenance work completely fixed any issues previously had on the alarms.

  • Manual pull stations
  • Notification appliances including horns and strobes
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Duct detectors
  • Annunciator panels
  • Tamper devices
  • Main alarm panel
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Waterflow Devices

Reasons to Choose New York City Alarm


We have technicians on duty until midnight (not just program operators) to make your problem our problem.


First Cost for a Fire Alarm is often not the big cost. Test & Inspection cost, cleaning cost, repair cost, service cost, and service calls can be a huge expense with other companies.


We monitor your alarm signals, not just the Central Station. In this way, we can spot problems before they become emergencies.


With New York City Alarm's "Fire Alarm Care Program" we can eliminate Fire Department fines, penalties, violations, and summonses as no other provider can.


We only install the best equipment available on the market.


We can work with your electrician, if needed, to supervise the installation.Then we can be your fire service company.


With New York City Alarm you are important - not just a number.


With New York City Alarm you will have your own dedicated technician who knows your building.


Our rapid response, for all your alarm needs will save you money in the long run.

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